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Welcome Aboard!

Set sail and explore clear blue waters among endless destinations.

The Finest Sailing Experience

Live the ultimate experience of sailing in Greece. Enjoy the sea, under the azure summer sky. Set sail and explore clear blue waters among endless destinations.   



Set Sail

Explore the beautiful turquoise waters of Greece aboard. What are you waiting for? Set sail and let the journey begin.

Loved by
Friends & Families

Whether with friends or family is the ideal 

way to spend your greek summer.


Adventure vs Relaxing

Whether you are looking for your next big adventure or simply desiring some much needed cocktais, aboard our boat is the place to be.


About Us

Our love and involvement with both the sea and sailing since childhood ,propelled us to find ''Dafnis'' ,your one stop shop for sailboat rental needs. With absolute devotion to our customers we provide first class service and   excellent quality sailboats. We are always by your side with constant communication for anything you might need. Our goal is simple, to help you create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Welcome aboard!

Dafnis Spiros

About Us
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