Explore Greece

One of the most ideal destinations for boat holidays. Greece has the largest coastline in the Mediterranean (13,000 kilometers - 8,000 miles) with so many island complexes that make the visitor's choices countless. Over 6,000 islands of which 227 are inhabited, with short distances between them that allow you to travel in any direction you want. The sun and the hot weather will accompany you helping you to explore beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters, archeological sites and picturesque villages with hospitable people that will surely make your vacation unforgettable.

Hard to pick a destination!

Enjoy the sunset in the enchanting Caldera of Santorini as well as the cosmopolitan life of Mykonos. Two of the most popular summer destinations in the world.

Do not forget to visit the small Cyclades with countries reminiscent of scenes from old Greek movies and beaches taken from postcards.

Near Attica you will be thrilled with Hydra and Spetses, the jewels of the Saronic Gulf. Magical carriage rides in Spetses and beautiful walks in the stone alleys of Hydra await you.

Endless Destinations

Set sail and explore 

Experience the overnight and swimming in one of the countless islands of our place, with the unique company of the sea, the sky and the quiet beach.



Saronic Gulf

The closest destination to Attica. In the Saronic Gulf you will combine culture with fun, the sun with the sea as well as fresh seafood.



The most famous island complex of the Aegean, whose name refers to the islands that form a circle around Delos. Magical holidays await you under the dazzling light and the clear waters.


Ionian Islands

Explore the green islands of the Ionian Sea with its beautiful castles and cities of special architecture, as well as the exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise waters.



Set sail for the largest island in Greece. Quite far from Attica but it will definitely reward you. Endless beaches for all tastes, beautiful cities, picturesque villages, and delicious food.

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Sporades islands are characterized by lush vegetation that often reaches the shores and sandy beaches. A harmonious combination between mountain and sea, with idyllic landscapes that will enchant every visitor.

Image by Andrew Vvedenskij


Complex of islands famous for their endless sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. During your visit, apart from  wonderful holidays, you will have the opportunity to admire the unique scenery of nature that combines the colorful vegetation with the blue sky.